Contents Cleaning, Pack-Out And Storage


In the event of severe water damage affecting your home or workplace and permeating the contents, it may be necessary to prioritize the removal of items before initiating water remediation and restoration efforts.

Leaving belongings at the water-damaged site poses a risk of further damage, including staining and warping. Therefore, it is crucial to take preventive measures to safeguard your possessions.

G2 Restoration recognizes the significance of this scenario and provides a contents pack-out and storage service to assist in securing your belongings during the water remediation and restoration process.

Collaborating with you, we identify which items require removal, carefully pack them, and transport them to our secure storage facility. Your belongings remain protected until the restoration process is successfully completed.

Acting promptly is essential when faced with water damage to minimize harm and preserve your belongings. Explore more about the water remediation and restoration services we offer to address such situations effectively.

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