Contents Cleaning, Pack-Out And Storage


When you have experienced severe water damage at your home or workplace and it has infiltrated the contents of your property, it may not be possible to perform water remediation and restoration without removing the contents first.

There is a danger of further damage to your belongings if they are not removed from the water-damaged site. Water can cause staining, warping, and other types of damage to your belongings; therefore it is crucial to take measures to prevent this from happening.

G2 Restoration understands this situation all too well and offers a contents pack out and storage service to help you secure your belongings while the water remediation and restoration process are underway.

We will work with you to determine which items need to be removed from your property and will pack them up carefully. We will then transport them to our secure storage facility, where they will be kept safe until the restoration process is complete.

When water damage strikes, it is critical to act quickly to minimize the damage and protect your belongings. Learn more about the water remediation and restoration services we offer.

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