Mold is a nuisance that can take down any home or business if not mediated. Mold growth causes everything from chronic health concerns to severe structural damage. If you’re struggling with mold growth in your home, read on to learn more about G2 Restorations’ mold removal in Dallas, TX.

Where To Find Mold Removal in Dallas, TX

Are you in need of mold remediation in the Dallas area? G2 Restorations has you covered! Our team of professionals is well-versed in mold removal and property restoration after mold growth impacts your home or business.

Causes of Mold Growth

Mold growth occurs wherever there’s excess moisture within a building. For example, keeping your bathroom door closed while you shower can cause mold growth if you don’t open a window to ventilate moisture from the room.

One of the most common causes of mold growth is water damage from leaks. If your roof is compromised by severe weather and allows rainwater in, it can lead to mold growth. A burst pipe within the walls can also create mold growth if it’s not promptly resolved.

Whatever the cause of your mold, the team at G2 Restorations will go above and beyond to restore the integrity of your home and prevent more mold from accumulating.

G2 Restorations 4-Step Mold Removal Process

At G2 Restorations, we’ve created a 4-step process for removing mold and preventing further mold growth. Our process plays out in the following steps:

1. Identification

One of our expert technicians visits your home and thoroughly inspects the entire property. This is necessary for identifying all areas of mold growth throughout your home or commercial building. From there, we can develop a unique treatment plan based on your property’s needs.

2. Containment

The next step in the mold removal process is containment. We need to contain the mold to stop any further growth. This helps mitigate the issue and preserve any areas of your property that haven’t yet been impacted by mold growth. It also reduces the cost of your remediation service by making the overall treatment less extensive.

3. Removal

Once the existing mold is contained, we begin the removal portion of our process. Using industry best practices and durable equipment, we tackle all the mold growth throughout your property.

4. Prevention

After removing all of your home’s mold, prevention is the final step. We’ll work directly with you to take the appropriate steps to prevent any future mold infestations. This includes repairing leaks throughout the house and improving your ventilation.

Is mold growth destroying the stability of your house and making your family sick? Stopping mold in its tracks is critical for restoring the health of your home and everyone in it. Contact G2 Restorations at 469-608-2255 to start the mold removal process now.

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