Are Water Mitigation And Water Damage Restoration The Same?

Are Water Mitigation And Water Damage Restoration The Same?

A leaking roof can be an eye sore, but it causes more worry because it signifies water damage. If you face a water damage crisis, you must have thought about hiring a water damage control expert or a water damage restoration company.

What you don’t know is that water mitigation and water damage restoration have similarities and differences. Let’s see what we mean:

Water Damage Restoration

The restoration process begins with water removal and ends with repairing and rebuilding the damaged areas.

Step 1

The damage control starts with inspecting the affected areas to determine the water source.

Step 2

Next, the water mitigation or restoration company will remove the water using high-powered pumps and vacuum units.

Step 3

After the professionals have removed the water, the drying process begins with the help of air movers and dehumidifiers.

Step 4

Once the area is completely dry, the restoration process can begin. This may include anything from minor repairs like a painting to complete reconstruction of the damaged areas.

Water Mitigation

The water mitigation process is similar to water damage restoration in many ways. However, water mitigation focuses more on preventing secondary damage from occurring.

Step 1

As with water damage restoration, the first step in water mitigation is to inspect the affected area and determine the source from where the problem arises. 

Step 2

Detection of the source follows water removal. High-powered pumps and vacuum units are your best choice as they will ensure all the nooks and crannies are free from every drop.

Step 3

Some may have seeped beneath the surface even if you remove the water from the most unreachable places. Drying the water comes next, which the experts achieve with dehumidifiers and air removers.

Step 4

Finally, your water mitigation company will clean and disinfect the affected area to prevent mold and mildew from growing.

The Key Difference

Let’s talk about that one thing that makes water mitigation and damage restoration different: preemption.

Water mitigation is a proactive approach to water damage. It’s all about preventing further damage from occurring. Whereas with water damage restoration, you acquire a more reactive approach. It’s all about fixing the damage that has already been done.

Fast action is critical when saving your home from irreversible harm, which takes away the charm of your beloved abode and is costly to repair.

Water Mitigation in Plano, TX

You should act immediately if you find your roof leaking or your toilet overflowing. Such seemingly negligible problems can cause extensive water damage if left unattended. And what better way to go about it than hiring an expert who is well-versed in what they do? Yep. We’re talking about a trusted water mitigation company.

G2 Restoration can solve all your water damage-related problems in Plano, TX. With our top-notch water mitigation services, we will not only stop your dripping and leaking issues but also ensure they never come back. 

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