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When a water loss occurs at your property, a prompt response is not enough. You also need industry-trained professionals deploying the latest techniques and equipment to locate, isolate, and remove every drop of water both seen and unseen. With training from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), G2 Restoration is qualified to operate moisture-locating and measuring equipment, optimally set up drying equipment for the fastest and most complete drying, and monitor the drying process until your home reaches the industry’s “dry standard”.

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The key purpose of hiring a licensed restoration professional is to ensure that no unseen moisture is left behind. When left unaddressed, a small amount of moisture can fuel the growth of mold in your home, exposing you and your guests to this hazard. Buildings act like sponges absorbing every bit of water that they come in contact with. Removing water from your home or business, however, is not as simple as wringing out a sponge. Attic and basement water damage can be particularly tricky to handle due to its limited access. Nobody wants to climb around in their attic searching for and removing moisture, but that is what we do!

G2 came in and started the cleanup before the insurance company even took a look. They were very professional. After the cleanup was complete, they started the restoration and worked off the insurance quote to make sure I was charged fairly. They even went out of their way to save what materials they could to keep my out-of-pocket costs down. They worked completely around our schedule to minimize the amount of time we had to take off work to complete the project. After everything was done they inspected the job and addressed any concerns we had and then fixed them. 100% satisfied with this company and would definitely recommend them to others and use them again

B. Taylor

Experience Matters

G2 Restoration has many years of experience and is prepared to restore your property from any type of water loss, including but not limited to sewage backup, broken, leaky or frozen pipes, floods, other severe weather, sink or toilet overflows, roof leaks, home appliance malfunctions like washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters and dishwashers. Our flood damage technicians look beyond the surface level and measure moisture inside your walls, above the ceiling, and underneath the floor. We then take a baseline measurement of moisture in the affected areas and monitor moisture content, temperatures, and relative humidity levels daily to ensure we return each wall, floor, piece of insulation, and stud to its pre-loss moisture content. This tireless commitment to drying your home is one of the unique advantages of working with G2 Restoration.

North Texas is especially prone to severe weather, and flooding is no exception. Flood damage and sewage backup is more complex than the average water heater leak because it is considered toxic “black water” and must be treated as such. In situations with flood or sewage water, it becomes even more important to employ a professional because not only does the water need to be removed, so do the potentially harmful microbes carried within the water than can be left behind after drying.

A Full-Service Restoration Company

Whether it’s flooding or a sewage backup harming your home or commercial property, you need to consider your own health along with the health of your property. Mold or leftover human waste can cause serious health problems down the road if left unaddressed. As a full-service restoration firm, G2 Restoration is ready to serve you in restoring both your home and your peace of mind. You’ve already had to deal with the stress of your loss, let G2’s restoration experts handle the rest.

G2 Restoration is a full-service water/fire restoration firm operating in the North Texas area. We’ve restored all types of losses from sewage backups to floods to water heater leaks. Whether your toilet backed up or your kids had a little too much fun during bath time, G2 Restoration is fully prepared and certified to inspect, assess, measure, dry, and restore your property like you never even spilled a drop! With decades of construction experience paired with training from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), G2 is armed with the tools and knowledge to restore your home and your peace of mind. Your home or commercial property is your single largest investment; make sure you protect it by hiring professionals to ensure your property is completely dried and free of mold or other irritants. With special training in mold and lead abatement, G2 is here to ensure that your property is restored safely and correctly. The slightest bit of mold left behind or lead paint floating in the air during the restoration process can cause serious health issues for anyone in the area, making it absolutely crucial to hire a qualified restoration expert.

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