Pack-Outs, Storage, and Cleaning

Why Pack-Out Service?

If your home or business has been subject to water, fire or smoke damage, many times your contents need to be removed and stored off location in order for reconstruction to begin. Insurance companies require immediate mitigation against further damage for their policy coverage. G2 Restoration’s highly skilled team will remove furniture, appliances, clothing and other belongings from the contaminated environment and take to a secured, climate-controlled facility while restoration process is being performed at your home or business. G2 Restoration will take extreme care of your belongings and provide you with real-time location of your belongings via iCat Inventory (Digital Photo Inventory and a Software-Based Bar Code system).

At G2 Restoration, we always begin reconstruction by packing out and storing your contents. Removing the contents frees up space in your home for fire or flood cleanup and rebuild. Most importantly, packing out and storing ensures that your contents do not get damaged during the reconstruction process.

Our Process

  • G2 Restoration will begin by inspecting your belongings and will itemize all affected contents of your home or business and will sort items into salvageable and non-salvageable categories.
  • A detailed inventory will be created and provided to you and your insurance company, meticulously documenting all damage accurately and completely.
  • G2 Restoration stores them either on site in a portable storage container or offsite in a warehouse.

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